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So We Bought a Condo

We love to travel. Over the past 10-15 years we've gone to Banff (Alberta), Tennessee, two Alaskan cruises, a short New England cruise, and our last one took our entire family on a longer New England cruise (two adult children, two spouses and, at the time, a year and a half year old grand daughter). That was the time of our life, that once in a lifetime family vacation.

One of our favorite areas is Cape Cod, along with the Gloucester/Rockport areas of Massachusetts. The water, the small towns and villages, Nantucket and just about everything in the area is wonderful. Given we're from the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota, though, finding the time to visit there as often as we'd like is difficult.

Over the years we have visited and loved #DoorCounty, Wisconsin. There are many similarities to those eastern areas that we came to love.

This past Labor Day weekend (2019) we spent 4-5 days there renting what was at one time a larger house turned four-plex rental in downtown #FishCreek. It was "okay" but started to think we needed to do better the next time.

Over the years we've considered buying a condo someplace but could never find a way to make the numbers work. We considered areas such as Brainerd/Nisswa/Crosslake, MN but those vacation areas are just so expensive when it comes to real estate. We considered a resort not far outside of Cable, WI but could never figure out how to get over the very high association fees that resort demanded.

So as we left Door County this past Labor Day I had six hours to mull over an idea. I'd never really considered owning a vacation condo in Door County but started to consider what it would take to make it work. That Tuesday I spent time researching the condo market and there is was, this particular condo. While there were others available at the Landmark Resort in #EggHarbor this one was special. The care the now-former owners had put into it, the details, the design, the location (both being in Egg Harbor but also the location within the resort) all make this condo special.

I contacted a random agent who, as it turns out, was fabulous (and his wife was the listing agent). He was helpful throughout the process. Within three weeks we both visited (and stayed at) the condo and made the offer. By October 31 we closed and owned "Pelican Cove of Egg Harbor".

We have come to love the #LankmarkResort with all the amenities that are available to anyone staying with our condo. The views of the Egg Harbor bay are awesome. We're high atop the hills that overlook the water and bay but only two minutes from downtown. On the water side of the resort buildings are three large outdoor pools, numerous grilling areas, lots of places to just relax and enjoy the view, along with beautiful walking trails.

At the Charthouse (the main building of the resort) is a large indoor pool, a fitness center, game room, business center and more.

It's just a great place to stay any time of the year.

Our condo is different from most others in the resort in that it doesn't look like a hotel room like so many of the others there. We have hardwood floors, our own very nice furniture, an up to date kitchen and more. The previous owners, along with some changes we've made, make it a very homey, comfortable place to relax.

Over the next several months we'll talk about things to do and places we've found that we enjoy in Door County. We are "off the beaten track" sort of people so we will talk about those special places and what we have found that make them special. We hope you visit #PelicanCove one day and enjoy our condo as much as we do. ~John & Michelle

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