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The Best Sunset Dinner in Door County - The Shoreline Restaurant

This past weekend was our 40th wedding anniversary. For a week I researched where I could find the very best sunset dining spot to surprise my beautiful bride. After reviewing about twenty restaurants, all of which seems to be great dining opportunities, it because apparent one stood out: The Shoreline Restaurant in Gills Rock.

Gills Rock is at the very top of Door County. It's a tiny hamlet featuring a couple of very nice gift shops (I mean by that, not just trinkets and trash but very nice, unique shops), a couple of tour cruise companies and a couple of restaurants. The Shoreline is very popular. By that I mean it could mean a two hour wait on some nights, all because of the view. I can report that their food is awesome, their service was excellent, and Mary the owner was so accommodating, helping me with my surprise for my wife (Thank you, Mary!) We give the Shoreline our highest five star rating and very much recommend them. ~ John

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