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The Salty Seagull is a Sweet New Mini-Golf in Sturgeon Bay

Driving to Door County last week we saw the newest attraction in Sturgeon Bay: The Salty Seagull Mini-Golf Course. We turned around on Highway 42 and just had to play it.

My bride and I love mini-golf. Every August we hold our own annual mini-golf tournament driving to three randomly selected courses playing "best of three". She's really good and often beats this former golfer and golf store owner. Her competitiveness really comes out during these tournaments, taking our matches very seriously. So when we have an opportunity to play a new course you know we're going to take advantage of it.

We paid at the currently temporary building, proceeding to the 2nd hole (there was a large group of young kids at the first hole). The first thing we loved was the newness of the outdoor carpeting. A true feel to puts, a bit of squish to the carpet, not giving off that old-carpet, painted concrete feel to your putt.

A lot of mini-golf course designers try to be too cute with their work of art. They design holes that are too difficult, frustrating the average person. Some design holes that are just plain stupid with no reason for putting things in the way or making it just impossible to score. The Salty Seagull course is none of that. It's well-designed. It's difficult enough without being stupid. You can score with good shots but you're never overly penalized for bad ones. My wife and I averaged "three's" on most holes, with a fair share of "two's".

On our final hole, which was the first hole, I scored a hole in one which meant Michelle and I tied. We were both satisfied with that result given it was our first time on the course. We had occasion to speak with the owner for a while. She's very pleasant and want to build a good business. We give the Salty Seagull two thumbs up, five stars, and highly recommend it to you.

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